Your Body Matters:

Summer is coming around. Actually, in about two months. What a quick year! So quick, that you forgot your New Year revolution or let’s be honest, you didn’t feel up to it. If you’re like me, you hate going to the gym and would rather eat cake. Uh, who wouldn’t right? But, then you get that sluggish feeling like, “Man, I should have exercised instead.” Or, are you that person that looks at a show, magazine, movie, and goes. “Man, I can’t wait to exercise! I’ll look liker her/him!”

I figured. Of course you did because you’re reading this article. Plus, I am the same way. I will run…and all of a sudden stop. Damn. How dare my mental state deceive me! But, that’s all that is. Your mental state. Anything you want to do-comes from your head. Instead of looking at magazines that are clearly photo-shopped, look at yourself in the mirror. You’re the real deal. You may not consider yourself as what you would like to see, but be proud your not a fake picture.

As a person, who’s not skinny or chubby (I’m that person that looks strong, but fluffy.) I do like my weight. I’m not over obsessed to lose weight, but I do things so that I won’t gain much weight. And, I may not be a female model body, but this is my body. And I love it. Gee, I’m sounding narcissistic, but really, I’m just confident.

For those of you who absolutely hate running, you have to try at least for a weak. Here’s why.

You do have different locations to run. Try a gym. Ugh, I know. You see all the people running. You just can’t wait to get going. What’s stopping you? Well, it varies. From  noticing that hot chick running or the men pumping the iron. What do I dread? The mirrors. I stare at my body bopping up and down, face red, and sweating. But, what the heck?! The others don’t look all that bad. Not at all.

Calm down honey! It’s your mentality getting to you. No, its not. Yes it is. No, really. Yes, really. No, I insi-. Stop honey. Shh.

People are working. Most don’t care what others are doing because they need to get their workout out of the way. Granted, their individuals who are there to show off. Don’t do that. It’s stupid.

Anyway, try the gym for a weak or so. If you only do it the first day, you probably won’t enjoy it because…you’re out of shape and not used to the atmosphere. Also, don’t push yourself! You’re just about to run…after not running or haven’t run for weeks. You decide, “Hey! I’m going to run! For like 3 miles today!” Whoa, you’re ambition is terrific, but slow down. You won’t make it. Stop yelling at me! Maybe you did make it, but you’re way exhausted, you’re shaking and ready to vomit. Do you really want to go back in the gym feeling vomity and tired, thinking-“Man, I have to run again. Nah, tomorrow.” Now, you won’t do it again until months later. Nice going.

Ok, here’s the deal. Start off easy. I know it looks easy, it can be easy if you work at it. This is a workout routine for you when your starting out or going back to running.

Workout: Week 1: Easy Going: 5 Min Run. 15 Min Walk. (All weak)

Do this all weak. Easy right? That’s good! First off, you ran or will run, 5 minutes! Hell yeah! It’s tough. Even though its five minutes. Who cares! You ran five minutes. Whoa, your walking 15 minutes? Good work. This will build your confidence, speed, and distance.

Workout: Week 2: Easy Breezy: 10 minute run, 5 min walk. (All weak)

Amazing! Now, do you get the idea? Guess what? You have pushed another five minutes. Feeling it? The aching? Yeah because you’re moving your legs, arms, and everything else!

Week 3: 15 minute run and 20 minute walk.

Week 4: 20 minute run and 15 minute walk.

Week 5: 25 minute, and 10 minute walk.

Follow and in no time, you will be running quite a distance.

This takes time! If you aren’t ready to move to a certain week. Push down a week! Continue doing Week 2 or whatever week you like the most. It doesn’t matter. You’re moving! This is strictly for you. Let’s say you have a friend that can run for six miles. Something like that. No! You want to say sure. But don ‘t. You do you! Don’t run six miles when your on week 2 or even 3. Build on minutes. Minutes turn to miles. Its fascinating really.

Now, this is in the gym. If you don’t like the gym: Run outside. Drive to a nice quiet place. (Be safe, don’t be dumb.) And run. Have a grand time. Or, if you don’t care about scenery, just run around the sub division. No harm done. Do it! Now thoughts: “Oh gosh! my neighbor saw me running! How embarrassing!” Um, no. Stop. They aren’t running for one thing. Like damn, they’re probably like, way to go! But, that doesn’t matter. You run what you can. A day to day, is better than anything.

If you find that you can’t handle being outdoors-weather can become an issue or if you’re like  me, you can have allergies. I have a pollen allergy. Damn. Yeah, it’s hard, but no excuse. I do have a bad allergy, but I still run. If it’s too hot though or your allergies get bad-home is your best friend.

It may sound ridiculous, but home is a good place to exercise. You know the people, you know the environment, no sweaty people you don’t know, it’s terrific! You can do what you can do. Jog in place, sounds stupid and it works! Squats, jumping jacks, push ups, these are all things you can do. Great!

Final thing, I say this with honesty. I’ve had a struggle with running. But, I took my time, let it pan out, and continued. I didn’t do it for weight loss. I needed to move my body. My doctor said I was obese, well, the paper stated that anyway, but guess what? Those assholes couldn’t tell me to run because I am healthy! HAHA! My heart rate is great, my hearts thumping evenly and proudly. Now, if you want to lose weight-Go for it! You don’t need to. I am a proud thick young individual that runs for a confident boost and feel at my best! My point is this:

Don’t match societies standards. Thick, chubby, skinny-it doesn’t matter because no matter what, your body matters.


Answer these questions in the comments below:

1.) Which do you prefer to exercise at: outside, gym, home, other? And why?

2.) What’s your fear about exercising? (What makes you quit?)

3.) Why do you want to start exercising?

4.) What’s your confidence booster?

5.) What do you hate most about exercising? (People, equipment, etc.)